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At the present moment. West Somerset ARC is in hibernation.but EXAMS are still being held

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The Web site had been fully paid up until June 2006 at a cost of £98.00. At the beginning of June 2006 the host site will be swapped to another cheaper site from a US firm. The club will have a sub folder on a site run by Bob’s Son. The expense of the site will be shared at a cost to the club of £6.00 per year, plus a fee to register the club name which will be payable yearly. We will notice no difference in the speed, content or availability of the new site and the club will benefit from a saving of approx £90.00 per year. Members congratulated Bob on being able to negotiate and arrange this significant saving of Club Expenditure

Bob explained that the meeting room at the West Somerset Community College had been changed so that the club could hold its own key to the room making it easier when meetings ran late. There was also a possibity of running an aerial feed into the room if agreed with the College. There was no change in the room fee. Malcolm reported that Taunton ARC had recently moved to another school venue where their presence had enabled the school to obtain a science grant from the Education Authority.

I recognition of this the school gave Taunton ARC the room for free for their meetings which was enabling them to meet more often. It was agreed that a similar grant funding (supported by our presence at the college) and if successful free use of a room needed to be discussed with West Somerset Community College.

Finance – John reported there was currently £120.00 in the clubs bank account. This did not include any monies collected at tonight’s meeting. Expenditure in 2005 was £325.00 with an Income of £116.00. He was pleased that measures had been taken to reduce future expenditure and this together with the increase in club subscriptions agreed at the Extraordinary Meeting held in February, John estimated made the club financially viable. Car Boot Sale – Bob mentioned to members the possibility of holding an Amateur Radio Car Boot Sale on the 1St September 2006 on the Playing Field at Allerford.