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At the present moment. West Somerset ARC is in hibernation.but EXAMS are still being held

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The Chairman informed the meeting that he and Vice Chairman have been disappointed with attendance at meetings and they feel that the change to the format of meetings will resolve this concern. The Chairman thanked Mrs and Mrs Everard who hosted special events twice in the year at their property. He reminded members of the Club Amateur Radio Car Boot Sale to be held on 2nd Sunday in August 2009 at Allerford.

The Secretary agreed to send a communication to Practical Wireless, Monitoring Monthly and Radcom informing them of the changes to the clubs format and constitution and the change from holding monthly meetings to fewer special events/meetings and informing them of details of those events and meetings. Make clear that the Club Continues but with monthly meetings being suspended.

Income from ‘Club sales’ dropped from £148.50 in 2007/8 to £16.50 (there was no real income from the ‘equipment sale’ evening or the ‘Boot Sale.’) There was an increase in Examination Fees (from zero to £30.00.) Income from Subscriptions increased from £60.00 the previous year to £135.00. There were no ‘donations’ as in 2007/8.

This was because we paid an annual fee for use of the meeting venue rather than ½ yearly in the past (£96 as against £46 previously.) Once again we did not pay anything towards Website costs for 2008/2009. The club affiliation to the RSGB was renewed at a cost of £44. Club licence fee does not appear to have been paid (No bills have been submitted). Charges for the annual barbeque were taken from the ‘takings.’

As the Club current account was not drawing down interest it was agreed that a Business Money Manager (BMM) Account should be opened with the HSBC to try and rectify this. Although this account did not give an exceptional interest (2.5% monthly) the advantages of having the two club accounts in the same bank with the ease of moving monies between the accounts was felt to outweigh this.