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At the present moment. West Somerset ARC is in hibernation.but EXAMS are still being held

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Club Licence (Call Sign) and Affiliation fee to the RSGB – It was agreed that, as affiliation to the RSGB covers insurance for the club and an entry in the RSGB call sign book, that the affiliation should be renewed. Bob reminded members that the cost for renewing the clubs licence was changing. Offcom had announced that you pay the first fee for the licence and then you get renewals free if done over the Internet. There was a charge for mail renewals. It was agreed that the club licence should be renewed.

Bookings at West Somerset Community College – John agreed to see if bookings at the college could be reduced to 8 months as July was the club Bar-B-Q, August - operating at Kenn's, September - Club Car Boor Sale and January the club Dinner. It was agreed that the secretary send a letter to the Bursar of the College to see if we can encourage them to obtain a Science Grant in recognition of the clubs presence at the College. If they will give us a reduced booking fee, what terms and limitations are placed if any on the use of the room or even a free room for future meetings.

Bob said that if any member who owned a FT817 wanted help in changing frequency coverage 7.100 to 7.200 mhz on their rig he would be happy to show how it was done and suggested members brought their rigs to the May meeting. Members thanked Oli for his offer to carry out so many talks.

The cost to hire the field and the hall for 1 day was £50.00. Bob suggested that spaces for car booter’s could be sold for £5.00 with buyers charged £1.00. We only needed 10 sellers to cover our costs. Bob’s daughter-in-Law had offered to run the kitchen providing tea and coffee etc. We could advertise in the amateur radio mags and on the internet and could maybe have a club stand. Members agreed that it was a good idea and we should try it for this year. Oli, Simon, Bas, Malcolm, Mike and John all said they would help. Bob said he that two non-club members who had volunteered to act as anti gatecrashers and to help with security to the field. Bob agreed to book the field.