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At the present moment. West Somerset ARC is in hibernation.but EXAMS are still being held

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Minutes of an Extraordinary General Meeting of the West Somerset Amateur Radio Club at the West Somerset Community College, Minehead, Somerset. on Tuesday 7 June 2009 at 8.00pm Present: Mr Barry (Oli) Twist (Chairman) G3NFY; Mr Robert (Bob) Bonar (Vice Chairman) G1ONV; Mr John Farmer (Treasurer) M1CHH; Mr Simon Emary (Secretary) M0NDL. Guest: Mr Mike Edwards Apologies had been received from: Mr Kenn Everard G0NKZ; Mrs J Everard, Mr A Elliott Mr B Helman, and Mrs J Helman

Monthly Meetings of the Club - The Chairman reminded members that the meeting had been called to discuss i f and where to hold meetings of the club in future. The attendance by members to club meetings had been very poor over the past year with sometimes only two members attending. The cost of hiring the room at the West Somerset Community College was therefore he felt an unnecessary drain on the clubs funds.

The Chairman suggested that a way forward could be to not have regular monthly meetings at the college but hold club meetings at the several special field events during the year. The AGM would continue to be held each year and in addition if members wanted to hold a special meeting, at any time, these could be held at the college or another venue.

The EGM had been called to discuss and to formalise the procedure for club meetings. A proposal by Mr Bob Bonar to change the Club format in that routine monthly meetings at the college will be discontinued and that in future the AGM will be held and special field events was seconded by the Chairman. Resolved: to change the Club format in that routine monthly meetings at the college will be discontinued and that in future the AGM will be held and special field events. A proposal by the Chairman to delete clause 7D (to hold quarterly committee meetings) of the Clubs constitution was seconded by Mr John Farmer. Resolved: to delete clause 7D of the Clubs constitution.

Members noted that whilst not a club activity G1ONV and G3NFY continued to support (Taunton) Raynet and other operators were welcome. It was also noted that the Club Web Site (hosted in America) possible cost will be built into the accounts on an annual basis although we have not been billed for the past four years. Member’s subscriptions were discussed and a proposal by Mr John Farmer that the subs would be as follows was seconded by the Chairman.

We do earnestly seek the continued support of the membership of the club to support the above changes to the club meetings format and to the constitution so that we can all retain the privileges we now enjoy by being members of WSARC. The treasurer John Farmer informed members on the current financial position of the club to 31st December 2008 stating that the club financial situation was secure. Income had decreased from £245.00 in year 2007/8 to £181.50 in year 2008/9. Expenditure rose in from £90.00 in 2007/8 to £140.00 in 2008/9.

There was a surplus of £46.04 for the year 2008/9. The club’s bank account at the yearend stood at £189.56 in the current account and £504.54 in the BMM account. The Chairman reminded members of the present Committee. Bob Bonar (Vice Chairman), John Farmer (Treasurer), Simon Emary (Secretary) and Stephen Spurrier who was not now a member of the club. The Chairman proposed that the present committee remaining three committee members be re-elected on block with.

Great radio stations

Who doesn't love music? You can listen to it while you work, or while you run. It can make your day if you are in a bad mood, or can make you even more sad when you are already unhappy. Music can really change our everyday life. It can get caught into our thoughts, so that we can't get it out of our mind even if we try it hard. It can get people together, make great new friendships and change the world as we know it. It caused so many movements in the past and motivated people to do so many great stuff.

Music is today not that expensive. Thanks to Apple, with their iTunes store in the '80 and Steve Jobs, that made the musicians and labels lower the price. But there is an even cheaper way to listen to music, legal and free. It's the radio. You can listen to music in your car, online or on your smartphone or tablet. Some radio stations play only music of a certain genre, or play music and do news and weather updates. You can find almost every possible combination, and something that fits your needs the best. Radio stations that are well known invite sometimes the musicians in their studios to play live. It is a whole different world of music, that is slowly fading, but is still there.

The best ones

There is an online "radio station" called YouTube Mix. It is computer generated. But don't think that everything computer-generated related to art can't be good. It is not like the computer generated jokes. Google, the owner of YouTube managed to develop an algorithm that will create playlists that have sense, and are quite well put together. We won't get more into the process how they did it. But one thing we will tell you - go and enjoy it.

Berlin Community Radio is one of the best ones. They have a no - playlisting policy that makes sure you will not hear the same song twice. They have over 100 regular shows, from old English Folk Music, all the way to English literary readings. It won't disappoint you and will hardly ever fail to surprise you. But take care while you are searching for radio stations online, because all kinds of adds will pop up. One time I was looking for a radio station and an advert for popped up and it played music in the background. It was something funky but really interesting, I think it was a song from the group Nine Inch Nails. By the way they had some really good stuff back in the day.

Hope you keep enjoying your music on the radio. If you are more of a self - command person, than give it a try. You can really listen to some great music you never even imagined existed and find out you actually like something you always thought was not for you. Just turn on the radio in your car next time you drive somewhere and it will make your trip far more interesting than you imagined. The world of radio stations is waiting for you.